Carlos Lara

Carlos Lara

Cell: +34 - 656 733 160

I am a Senior Robot Programmer, Autonomous, with more than 25 years of experience. I am motivated by new challenges and always face them with a lot of energy. I can handle the pressure very well and adapt enthusiastically to teamwork. My extensive experience can undoubtedly lead to the success of your company's projects.


National University of Cordoba , Cba - Arg

Title: Electronic Electicist Engineer

St. Martin's National College , San Francisco , Cba - Arg

National School of Technical Education E.N.E.T NÂș : 1

Title: At the middle level I trained in Administration and Electronics



I know very well the main brands of robots and their languages.

I know PLC programming as well as Electrical Tables.

I have worked in Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Mechanical Automatic Systems.

I've taught Staff Training courses, at all levels.


Program in various languages (VB.Net, C#, PHP, Python, etc.), and handle relational databases.

Microsoft: Productivity Software (Word, Excel, Power Point, Acces, VBA, Azure, etc.), Adobe Creative Suite, Windows.


Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (fluid) - English (medium).


In the robotics and automation sector. 1995 to 2020

  • I have experience in robotics in the automotive sector, throughout Europe and america.
  • I have performed sales and after-sales support tasks, in the sector.
  • Dicting of training courses in robotics, about programming, diagnosis, and maintenance.

Performance in other sectors before 1995

  • More than 10 years as an electrical installer in homes and buildings.
  • In the beginning I've done everything from street vendor, cook, graphic designer, store salesman,
  • instructor, electrical installer, appliance repairer, and a long etc., of which I am proud.
Cycling, Swimming, Walking and Reading are my passions.
IoT with Arduino I recognize that lose me.
Drawing and writing stories unplugs me.
My Phrases
I'm optimistic. It doesn't seem very useful to be anything else.
To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.
Attitudes are more important than skills.
Winston Churchill
Available on request, using my expanded CV resume.
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