Carlos Lara

Robot Programmer

Valencia, Spain




Robot Programming, major brands


PLC Programming, AB, Siemens


Program in various languages (VB.Net, VBA, C#, PHP, Python, etc.), and handle relational databases.


Microsoft: Productivity Software (Word, Excel, Power Point, Acces, Azure, etc.), Adobe, Autocad, Windows.







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About Me


I am a Senior Robot Programmer, Autonomous, with more than 25 years of experience. I am motivated by new challenges and always face them with a lot of energy. I can handle the pressure very well and adapt enthusiastically to teamwork. My extensive experience can undoubtedly lead to the success of your company's projects.

My saying is :
To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. (Winston Churchill).

Work Experience

Robot Programmer / freelance
Jan 1996 - Current

In the robotics and automation sector.
I have experience in robotics in the automotive sector, throughout Europe and america.
I have performed sales and after-sales support tasks, in the sector.
Dicting of training courses in robotics, about programming, diagnosis, and maintenance.

Web Developer / cypsaobras.es
Oct 2009 - Current

I started with web design in 2009, when with my wife Isabel we decided to open a shop. That's how I started with my first website and my first Point of Sale. I'm self-taught in this. Since then friends, customers and others were asking me for help and so this HTML CSS Javascript and PHP thing was transformed into another passion.

Performance in other sectors
before 1995

More than 10 years as an electrical installer in homes and buildings.
In the beginning I've done everything from street vendor, cook, graphic designer, store salesman,
instructor, electrical installer, appliance repairer, and a long etc., of which I am proud.


National University of Cordoba , Cba - Arg.
Title: Electronic Electicist Engineer.
St. Martin's National College , San Francisco , Cba - Arg.
National School of Technical Education E.N.E.T NÂș: 1.
Title: At the middle level I trained in Administration and Electronics.


Available on request.
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